Enjoyable for the warm

Leaf flutters, thousands of miles as Zhiqiu, and is a year the Double Ninth Festival, autumn in casual alienation we are getting closer and closer, flying all over the sky yellow scattered leaves swaying in the wind, and the sky is blue, cloud white, autumn, meniscus hanging on the treetop, Cecil coolness blowing, ripples is intoxicating gentle. But I was also a bit more melancholy, and static meaning can not be the autumn.
Life God difficult old, is a year the Double Ninth Festival, cool autumn calm and less to the many hot, much a few minutes of sadness, to the friend of Miss, the grief of their loved ones, climbing, telescope, Shangju, relaxed and happy, mind blowing.
The time is long, dies is the time, but wipes not the eternal memory and the missing. Into middle age, also feel calm many, less some young frivolous and impulsive, there are old, under a small, more is a family responsibilities and warmth.
Chongyang to, a little Jisai family, not their own but have a always melancholy and moody, comfort, hope. Mother go, father has changed, the back of the camel, white hair, a lot of old, reticent, also changed the whole family. In the past, mother is a pillar of the family, she's gone, enjoyable for the warm atmosphere to me become a luxury.
Injury can not only children with father stubborn temper, not good at communication, regarding children, just want to put the old man of filial piety, love continue, take good care of an old man, but her father seemed not lead their love, listen to not to go in the children's advice, or that persist in one's old ways, do not know a good care of yourself, old man take good care of yourself, do not suffer, children are involved, and the father is so stubborn, so that children bite the bullet, only along the father, as long as the body is good, than what all good, I also often appealed to several sisters and take good care of the elderly living, do not deliberately to ask the elderly, not for some of the details of the family harmony.
White haired father, haggard face, father to our children the most deep impression, become old and frail, years urges a person old, talkative, introverted father into the children heart solution doesn't open the knot and the biggest worry.
Nine nine Chongyang, also represents Jing Lao, enduring as the universe, respect for the old, old love. Treat the old man is not a table of good food, a cake, as sons and daughters heart into the old man's spiritual world, and the elderly to communicate and exchange with heart, to understand the elderly, respect for the old way of life and the law. Only in this way can we better chatted with the elderly, heart to communicate, a greeting, family reunion enjoyable cannot.
Double ninth, as a traditional festival, it is an embodiment of the Chinese nation for generations, "is old I old and old people, young for my own children and young people" the thick cordiality, the respecting of the Chinese nation traditional virtue and endless national style with love to pass on, to the virtues of the inherited and carried forward and put on the old man's love to caress attentively, the old man of today is our future.
Filial piety, love is the eternal melody of filial piety and respect for elders. Children a warm words, a plain smile, a look at the time of the ordinary look home, will make the elderly feel warm and happy.
Parental love is selfless love in the whole world, treat us each a old man, filial, said earlier, don't love leave too much pain.
I sincerely wish the world happy, happy, old Kang shun!
The second chapter he Luoxue, who miss ablation
Beautiful snowflakes, ablation, pretty and flirtatious flowers have withered the moment, petals are fleeting, my life waiting for hot, but was cooling distance.
The world's most remote distance, is not the horizon and the Cape, but life and afterlife,, even if we meet also won't defend the life, can only pray for the afterlife, and your writing life did not wait until the flowers. Doomed to a life that you rub shoulders with, I put all the Acacia as a bet, only to change you turned around, however, you disagree with a smile is my life can not be arrived at the shore, the beautiful world of mortals, you shake head sigh, idly playing piano, who will let you frowning with eyebrow turned.
This life out of fate, afterlife at the bridge street and turn, antiphonal singing, your graceful smile, drunk past thousands of rub shoulders.
Acacia love does not meet, when Logitech ClearChat reply when did you airmail, distant watch, miss the shadow was recalled into each other's horizon, in love on both sides, we students student station into the shore. If this life is unable to repair the same boat crossing, had to look forward to the afterlife, in exchange for a review of emotion.
Only for this life this Liaodao, destined to miss all exhausting, so, just keep a good, and let it in the afterlife encounter in bloom into fireworks, even a moment, I lit the lamp life residual thoughts, snowfall in the life, gradually ablation, snowflakes afterlife, perhaps is my watch, the wind swirling with, just waiting for the warmth of life.
Years of slender hands, quietly ask too corners of the roof, mottled damp door, melt the snow of order, dripping water, drop by drop, knock to defend the title page, memory of the pulse still not shallow thoughts, the memory once, precipitation with good, carrying the joy, you walk through together with the day, in the wind and rain and the vicissitudes of life behind, leaving the rainbow in the heart, to my desire to break into the most beautiful rainbow, for you to wear.
Snow is beautiful, once is sweet, is tearful memories, beautiful snow, melt when, when the snow with the most beautiful posture slowly falls, destined for the it in this life, drifting in the inky sky, silent
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